Looking for a bulk bourbon drink recipe
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Looking for a tasty bourbon drink for a lot of people.

It's for a toast at a wedding reception so it has to be mixable in bulk (eg, no milkshakes). Also, the wedding is two weeks away, so doing things like steeping vanilla beans are out of the question.

Since it's a special occasion a Manhattan isn't going to cut it, but a twist on any classic drink recipe would fit the bill. We'll have idle hands available to put together any garnish, so go nuts.
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Mint Julep
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-Ward 8 (per drink)
2oz Bourbon
.5oz lemon juice
.5oz orange juice
tsp grenadine
Garnish w/ lemon wheel

-Bourbon Sidecar (trad. made w/ Brandy)
1.5oz Bourbon
.75oz Cointreau (Or a decent to good Triple Sec. Bols will serve)
.75oz Lemon Juice
Lemon wheel

If you have a LOT of drinks to serve, an option is to batch-mix the drinks the morning of adding mebbe .25oz water per drink. This will replace the water that would come from the melting ice that won't be added just yet. Mix up your bevvies and pour them into clean glass bottles using a funnel. Cork the bottles (or whatever) and put them on ice (LOTS of it) till needed.

When it's toast time, pull out your pre-mixed cocktails off the ice, give each one a few shakes, and put a pour-spout on it. They're cheap at any restaurant supply joint. Give each guest a glass with fresh ice, and pour them a drink.

I work weddings and when you got a LOT of drinks to distribute at toast time, having people who got their bevvies first sitting there with their ice melting while the back of the room gets theirs sucks.
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Here is the current cocktail menu from a whiskey bar I like. They're not all bourbon-based, but I imagine many of them could be adapted...
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Kudos on the Seven Grand menu link. Fantastic drinks. Great, easy cocktail is sparkling lemonade, ice and bourbon.
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I can't think of a more appropriate drink for a holiday wedding than egg nog, and I happen to have a sure-fire recipe adapted by a southern gentleman to use bourbon. As for the raw egg issue, you probably should use pasteurized egg product, even if your sanitation is perfect, there will be folks with weakened immune systems, etc. The hard part will be whipping the cream as even a Kitchen-aid stand mixer has trouble mixing a full pint of cream. Whipped cream is surprisingly stable in the fridge, so you can do it in advance.
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Whiskey Sours:

- one part whiskey
- one part lemonade concentrate
- one part water

You can actually use the canister the concentrate comes in to measure it out. We've been serving these things at family holidays for years.
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Just adding one more voice to the chorus reminding you that whatever you make, you should add water if you're going to chill the drinks beforehand. Typically a cocktail when served is about 1/4 water, which comes from the ice you chill it with. If you just mix the liquors and put it in the fridge, your drinks will be overly strong, and perhaps more importantly not taste as good.
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Hard to go wrong with a bourbon highball.

- 1 part bourbon
- 2 parts ginger ale or ginger beer
- Twist of lime or lemon

As a bonus, the carbonation and color of the mixed drink makes it look equally lovely in champagne flutes as it does in bar glasses.
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I got this from one of the last bourbon related AskMefi threads:
- .75 parts lime juice
- .75 parts simple syrup
- 2 parts Bourbon
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We'll be trying some of these out at the bachelor party tonight, I'll report back on the favorite.
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