How to cut down on all these paper records?
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I am a high school science teacher teaching five classes in three classrooms and my desk is in a fourth. I'd love to cut down on the amount of paper I have to schlep from room to room. Is there an iPad app available that would let me take attendance (and set absent as the default) and record hall passes, discipline, and parental contact?
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Couldn't you just create a form in Google Docs?
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Before you start recording this kind of information electronically, make sure you are allowed to.
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Response by poster: The Internet is very unreliable here so google docs wouldn't cut it. I'll double check that it is okay to do this electronically but I am pretty sure it is.
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The iWork app you'd use to make spreadsheets is called Numbers. I assume it would work well for your purposes, unless you want to get really fancy.

There is also Mariner Calc, maybe a cheaper alternative, but I don't know anything about it.

There are also rumors that a version of MS Office will be released as iPad apps sometime in 2012, but I don't know details.
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I don't have any direct experience with these, but there are a bunch of apps listed here.
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Oh. And Teacher Tool looks (at least from the outside) like it could be quite good.
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It's a long shot, but if your school uses PowerSchool, you could use PowerTeacher Mobile.
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When I taught(college lab sections), I used the Attendance app on my iPhone taking attendance. It worked quite well, and if I remember correctly, had quite a few other features/customability that I didn't use.
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Seconding devnull; FERPA is pretty stringent about the privacy of student information, and you'll want to make sure you don't run afoul of it, regardless of the medium.
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I've been thinking of creating such an app for the iPhone for a couple of years. Never got around to, because of lack of time, and because I'm not sure if there's a market for it. Anyway, sorry this is not really an answer, except that when I last checked, there didn't seem to be an app like that in existence.

I second the suggestion of using a spreadsheet (that is stored locally, not on the cloud). For college courses, we have course management systems like Blackboard, which you can configure for attendance and records, but I don't know if that's available for high schools.
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It's another online site, but Jupiter Grades might be helpful? I've only used it from the student side, but I found it a few days ago and immediately thought of this question.
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