Web resources for student pilots.
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Student Pilot Filter: can you recommend web resources for a student pilot: forums, blogs, podcasts, websites. (Et cetera.)

I have a couple already but would love to know what the hive has picked up over the years that may be buried deeper than I've looked so far.

I'm looking for things that will assist my learning specifically but also just general aviation resources and places to hang out, online.
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I haven't been there in some time, but studentpilot.com had a good, friendly forum.

You should join AOPA with their free deal for student pilots. Then you can get in the AOPA forums (AKA the Red Board) which are pretty active though perhaps not so friendly.

The AOPA-affiliated ASF has a ton of nicely-done interactive courses (might require AOPA membership).

Other fora are Pilots of America (AKA the Blue Board) and the very friendly Purple Board.

I am a big fan of the Uncontrolled Airspace podcast, but other podcasts around are more directed at students - I haven't listened to them in some time. There is an AOPA Never Again podcast that recounts tales of woe.

Whitt's Flying has just a ton of stuff online.
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I used PPrune as a listening device when I worked in the industry. Aimed at professional pilots and other airline staff, it is gossipy and whiney, but you might find something of interest there. *shrug*
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