How to organise my music on my MP3 player with linux
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How to organise my music collection on my MP3 player with linux.

I have an iRiver H320. I can add/remove files on it by dragging files in Konqueror from /music to /mnt/h320. What I'm looking for is a program that can manipulate the files on the H320 without having to connect it each time. At any time I can open up this program and examine what files are currently on the H320, and drag/drop files to it. When I next connect the H320, it will compare the files and add/remove them automatically as needed. Does this make sense to anyone? Does such a program exist? Just for the record, my music files are organised differently on the PC and the H320.
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For the iPod I've had good luck with Amarok and gtkpod. Amarok appears to maybe, kinda, sorta be able to handle non-iPod portable mp3 players.

FWIW... Amarok is the best mp3 player I've ever used, and I've been of the XMMS/Winampish bent forever.
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No, amaraoK only supports the iPod. I like it a lot, but it tends to crash KDE, so I use JuK instead.
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