Playlist file-per-folder creator?
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I'm looking for a freeware playlist-file generation tool for a large mp3 collection on Windows XP.

I have about 80Gb of music, organized into folders by .../Artist Name/Album Title/blahblahblah.mp3. I'd like to be able to point an application at the top of my folder tree and have it iterate down through folders and write playlists into each folder where it finds mp3s. It would take way, way, way too long to do it all by hand, unfortunately.

Does such a thing exist?
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I've been having pretty good luck with Tagscanner 4.9. It's freeware and worth a try. It has a built-in playlist generator.
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The Godfather lists this as a feature, and I think MusicCube does it, too, along with a bunch of other stuff.
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MP3 Book Helper can do this, easy. "Generate" -> "Playlists M3U", then check "Multiple M3U" and "By Folders". You can specify what format the M3U filename will take too.

Mind you, you'll have to load the MP3s into MP3BH first, so you might have to do this in batches. Should still be relatively painless however (you can probably process a few thousand files at a time).

(Testing with my own MP3s right now, it came across a limit as to the number of SFV files it can load, but if you don't SFV your files that won't be an issue. Also, I get better results using "File->Folder" to add directories than by drag-and-drop... more efficient.)
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Thanks, folks. I'll try some of these when I get home!
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For future searchers, MP3 Book Helper worked perfectly. It won't generate m3u's until you make sure all files with a 'Stop' icon beside them in the file list are removed, but then it blasts through easily. I got something like 1200 albums done in minutes.
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