Here comes the bride. But she's wearing a ring made from a piano.
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Making an engagement ring from a piano tine.

My partner and I have decided, both being not jewellery people , that we would get ourselves a nice piano as a engagement/marriage present to each other. However, I'm a bit of a traditionalist and would still like to propose with a ring. But! I would like the ring to be made from a piano tine. I am in London, and was wondering firstly, if this is even possible, and if it is, if anyone might recommend a ring-maker/jeweler who might be able to make this a reality? If they're in London that's great, but happy to work on a wider basis if need be.
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If anyone can, I think Jessica De Lotz could. Watch the video interview with her here, I love how she describes turning a bicycle bell and other stories into pieces. Bonus: She's in East London.

(I don't have any of her pieces myself, but boy, I would love to!)
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Do you mean a piano tine from a Rhodes piano, or do you want a ring made of piano wire?
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I'm sorry - I mean the piano wire. I should have perhaps phrased the question - 'I would love to make a ring out of some part of a piano - what part would be best for me to try and use'.
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This appears to be a shop that makes jewelry out of piano wire.
I started to google for guitar string jewelry, since I've seen it at craft fairs, etc and it can look very cool, on the idea that it's basically the same thing to use piano or guitar wires and the artist would probably be happy to make you something special if you sent them a piano wire - so here are some guitar ring samples as a backup idea.
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