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In Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11, how do I do a Bulleted list in Digital Audio Recorder mode?

The manual says to say "format that bullet style", then say "new line" between each item, and after the last new line to say "format that bullet style" again. When I save this to a WAV and transcribe it, the "new lines" get performed, but it types out "format that bullet style".

Please help me keep my boss using Dragon Dictate!
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May have something to do with the fact that "format that bullet style" is also an undo command (i.e., if you got it to do a paragraph bullet style, you could put the cursor back at the beginning of the text, say "format that bullet style" and it would undo the bullet style).

FWIW, the "For Dummies" book says that the Bullet command does not work in all applications and advises to make the bulleted list in the Word Processing window and paste it.

Sorry that there doesn't seem to be a good answer for this.
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