Cheap place to stay Baltimore, MD for Christmas
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Super cheap place to stay around Baltimore, MD during Christmas week?

The parents want the spouse and I home to Baltimore, MD for the holidays. We're meh about the idea, but they're insistent. We're still meh.

The only way it would work is if we could find some place else to stay during that week, so we have some place to decompress. But it's late in the season and we really aren't too keen on spending a bunch of money for a room.

So do you have alternative suggestions or particular hotels that have a good rate? Or something we're not thinking of? Don't want to tell the world? No problem, then send an email to

Yes, we realize we don't have to go and that's an option. Friends are booked up. The not insane family members are booked up. doesn't sound ideal because we want to decompress, not meet new people. All we need is clean room with a clean bathroom and WiFi.
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What's your price range? How cheap is cheap?

Check hotels by the airport. For example, I've stayed at the SpringHill Suites by the airport for $70/night before (but rates may vary over Christmas -- still shouldn't be more than $100). Other places might be less. If those rates are too much check airbnb. It's like Couch Surfing you pay for (and is usually a private room in someone's house or the whole house itself, not just the couch!)
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I've stayed at the EconoLodge, which is about 20 minutes from the center of Baltimore by car. Just don't stay there if you are planning to rely on public transportation. It's prohibitively challenging to get there via public transportation. I stayed there for a couple of weeks for work's an EconoLodge. It's not beautiful and it's not in the nicest neighborhood, but the rooms are clean and fine and the owners are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Even though it's not in the best neighborhood, my coworkers and I never felt unsafe there. Rooms there around Christmas seem to start at $60/night.
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The "name your price" option on Priceline (warning: you do commit to purchasing what gets returned in your range, but you can choose quality and location to avoid roach motels in the hinterlands) has worked surprisingly well for me, especially on short notice.
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Well, whenever I am in Baltimore I stay at the Hilton Garden Inn at Whitemarsh.

I like it because it's across the road from a nice shopping center with the "Red Brick Station Restaurant and Pub", and you can always browse Ikea or take in a movie. The hotel has got a nice fitness center, and they usually give you cookies when you check in.

By no means would it be considered super cheap, but I wouldn't call it pricey either. I believe there is also a Hampton Inn nearby but I've never stayed there. Look for special rates (AAA) or special deals or just call and tell them your limitations and see if they'll work with you (can't hurt).
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I stayed there in over a decade, but there's a Hosteling International hostel in Baltimore.
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I read somewhere a long time ago that some colleges rent out dorm rooms during that week, since all students are gone. (I know this is a low value answer.)
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The Mount Vernon Hotel is inexpensive given its location.
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It can take a very long time to get from the east side of the Baltimore beltway to the west side. Me telling you a cool cheap spot in Reisterstown will not be helpful if your parents live near Dundalk. To get useful advice you need to narrow down where your parents live.
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