Mp3 and cd at same time
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How to buy physical cd and digital files at same time? I currently subscribe to rhapsody because I like to download the files. But I would rather just buy a few CDs a month. Is there as easy way to buy the "pre ripped" as it were?
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In a thread a couple days ago about buying music on vinyl, someone mentioned that some record albums come with vouchers to download digital copies of the same music. Maybe CDs have the same deal? What I would try is go at it from a different direction: instead of looking for a service that does this, go to the website for the CD you are interested in and see if that publisher has their own program for getting what you want.

But ripping CDs isn't all that hard if no other alternative is available. I'm sure there are better programs for it now, but a while back, I used something called CDEx. Configuration was a little picky, but the nice thing about it was that it hooked up to an online database and saved the music in appropriately named files and folders. And it let you choose what file size and formats you wanted.
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With iTunes, for example, ripping the CD involves putting it it the drive and walking away. I'm not aware of any way to consistently buy both physical media and digital files for music outside of special offers now and then [Beastie Boys have been selling remasters of their back catalog in this sort of arrangement; buy the CD, get the files too].
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The reason that vinyl albums come with digital downloads is that it's hard to digitally encode vinyl, and the quality isn't that great once you do. CDs, on the other hand, are already digital. If you're ripping hundreds or thousands, it's a major chore.

There are ways to speed the process, though, no matter how many you have. Off the top of my head, you can set iTunes to rip a CD as soon as it's inserted and eject when done. All you have to do is swap the discs. It will automatically look up tags that are usually pretty close to being perfect.
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You are underestimating the depths of my laziness. I have a Netflix disc that has been sitting here for five months. I want to short circuit the order receive open rip sync cycle to one click. Same with books. I want the physical book and kindle book at the same time.
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I've seen several indie labels offer this on their webstore (buy a CD, get instant access to downloads), but not any retailers.
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