How do I figure out what the cost of living increase has been in my area over the past year?
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How do I find out the cost of living increase in my region?

Contract negotiations are coming up at work soon, and I would like to be able to ask for a cost of living increase. I don't think that I am likely to get anything more than that this year, due to the economy and other factors, but I want to make sure that what I am asking for is an accurate reflection of the cost of living increase (as opposed to too low or too high).

My Google Fu has failed me big time on this one. I've been all over the web and all over government websites, and still I have not been able to get an accurate read on what the cost of living has gone up by this year. How do I find these numbers and/or calculate them myself?

Since I am hoping to find something that is region specific, I live in Alberta, Canada.
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Best answer: Canadian CPI by city
posted by milkrate at 9:44 AM on December 5, 2011

And here's the CPI for Alberta that breaks out the more volatile line items
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Response by poster: I knew this one would get answered quickly. I don't know why I wasn't able to find this on my own (I even searched for CPI). Thanks for your help, milkrate.
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