Ported from AT&T to VZW, having problems
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Major weird issues porting lines (iPhone to iPhone) from AT&T to Verizon. Please halp!

I manage my company's wireless accounts (we are in the US). We had existing corporate accounts on both AT&T and Verizon. We had seven lines on AT&T, all with iPhones, and we just ported those numbers to Verizon and got 16GB iPhone 4S for each. The phones arrived yesterday, and three users activated theirs last night. All are having very weird problems:

- Address book transferred just fine, but names aren’t showing up on caller ID (User 1 & User 2)
- “Favorite contacts” only showing numbers not names (User 1 & User 2)
- Favorites and photos didn’t transfer (User 3)
- Some calls will not go through – get a weird automated “number doesn’t exist” message, sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish (User 1 and User 2).

Users 1 and 2 had 4's before, and User 3 had a 4S.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is the cause of the problem and how to fix? Tried power cycling.
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It doesn't sound like all the contacts transferred over. How did you (or they) do the transfer and can you confirm this?

Usually if an entry in contacts has no name it's because it was not entered. Have tried deleting the contacts and resyncing them?

Calls not going through - Do any of the users use Google Voice? I had a similar issue when I ported my number from AT&T to Sprint but then realized that my GV settings were causing my calls not to go through. Also...hate to state the obvious but have you spoken to Verizon about this issue?
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Response by poster: One user called Customer Service once but it wasn't helpful. I talked to the porting department and they confirmed that the ports went through. I'm going to try CS myself.

None use Google Voice.

It looks like all the contacts transferred - I just checked one user's phone and it has my personal contact information, but when I call it just shows up as my phone number. Argh.
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When you look at a contact on the phone, can you confirm that the first and last name are in the first and last name fields and not in the "Phonetic First Name" and "Phonetic Last Name" fields? That may be something to rule out.
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Response by poster: Okay I think I found a solution from some Googling. In case anyone looks up this thread in the future:

1. Go to Settings --> Phone and turn of International Assist
2. Go to Settings --> General --> International --> Language. Change the language to anything else and wait for it to reset.
3. Do the same thing, and change back to English.

I don't know why, but somehow this works.
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^ Note: when performing step 2, you may want to change the language to one which you can read, as when you tap "Done", everything will be in that language. i.e., if you can't read Japanese, good luck getting back to the language settings!

Thankfully, I chose Deutsch, ja.
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When troubleshooting calls that don't go through, start with the originating provider, ideally one you have a decent customer service relationship with. They can at least trace the call through their network and tell you what the source of the error is.

It's hard for the provider at the destination end of the call to know why calls aren't reaching them. It could have been stopped anywhere.
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