Getting a Tiltpod in Europe
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Is there anyone who will ship a Tiltpod to a European customer for a sane cost?

The Tiltpod is a $15 stocking-filler camera accessory. As far as I can tell, there are no stockists outside the U.S.: "are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address", and Thinkgeek charge $25 to ship this 1.6oz item to Europe. Does anyone know of any European stockists or, failing that, a U.S. stockist that charges something a little saner for shipping? Emails to the manufacturer have gone unanswered.
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The klikk is similar and seems to be free of shipping to the UK.
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If it were still here, I would mark as best answer the deleted comment which suggested I post on their Facebook page. I did that and got a reply, and my Tiltpod is now on its way!
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