Good indie horror/sci-fi films, on Netflix instant?
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What are the best indie/avant/experimental/unusual/etc. films in the horror and sci-fi genres, currently available on Netflix instant?

I love films of this style - "small" films that are usually full of interesting ideas but low-budget and under the radar. Examples I've recently enjoyed in horror include "Pontypool" and the French film "They Came Back"; sci-fi examples would include "Primer" and "Special" (with Michael Rapaport).

The caveat: For horror, I'm not so much into the gore (which usually isn't a problem with this style of film, given the typically small budget). I also can't handle violence/threat against children, which tends to rule out a lot of J-horror.

So, what's good?
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Carnival of Souls is a 1960s B horror film on instant stream that is suprisingly good.
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I'm not sure what the overlap is with what's on Netflix Canada with Netflix instant, or if it really qualifies as "indie", but I think the film Code 46 is a great, overlooked piece of science fiction not too dissimilar from Primer (no emphasis on special effects, consequences explored of simple premise).
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Ink is another very good fantasy. It does feature a little girl in danger, but she is a strong and resourceful character--I think you would enjoy the story. One of the most unique fantasies I've seen.
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Rubber - a movie about a sentient tire called Robert who rolls through the desert making people's heads explode.
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Moon is another excellent science fiction movie I watched on instant stream. Finally, The Fall is a stunningly beautiful fantasy.
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Repo Man for pure 1980's camp.
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A few from my Netflix queue might be up your alley (with the caveats that I haven't watched most of these, and it might be stretching to call some of them sci-fi/horror):

Life on Mars (TV show, based on a UK show)
Enter the Void (Dir: Gaspar Noe)
Antichrist (Dir: von Trier)
They Live
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Stuck for horror.

Delicatessen for horror.

Pitch Black is pretty damn good, especially for sci-fi, but I don't know how "under the radar" it is - really has kind of a cult following.

Metropolis Restored.
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Seconding The Fall. You might try Monsters (2010) as well.
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Not sci-fi, but Bronson is pretty damn awesome. Valhalla Rising, by the same director, is also not sci-fi, but it's also pretty damn awesome.

Creepshow is an utterly underrated 80s horror minor masterpiece. George Romero and Stephen King, each at their Romero-iest and King-iest.

In The Mouth of Madness is a divisive movie, but I happen to love it. It's John Carpenter in full meta mode. I'm a huge Carpenter fan in general, but that one might be my all-time favorite.

If you've never seen Videodrome, then you're in for a treat. Ditto for Naked Lunch.

Santa Sangre is a must-see.

Cronos is a should-see. Early work by Guillermo del Toro.

Dust Devil is a lot of fun. Interesting, atmospheric South African horror movie.
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Night of the comet is a rad 80s scifiish sorta zombie movie. Not just badgood, actually really entertaining and the type of odd thing that is best discovered on instant watch.
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Just watched the Norwegian film Trollhunter, which is quite great. Very fun.
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It's not quite sci-fi (more like Murakami-esque magical realism), but the Japanese film Fish Story is my favorite Netflix Instant discovery of the past year. I don't want to say too much about it before you watch it, but it's about a long-forgotten punk song that ends up saving the world.
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Pontypool is the best survival horror movie I've seen in a long, long time.
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early new year's resolution: read the whole damn question before you go babbling about word-zombies.
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Escape From New York and Omega Man are both on Netflix. Are these too obvious?
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Came here to say "Rubber" - it's a b-horror movie and an absurdist play wrapped up in one. Surprisingly good cinematography, too.
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American Zombie
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