Where can I find out about new indie/foreign movies?
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You know how Pitchfork is a great way to keep up on new indie music? Is there something similar for indie/foreign flicks?

I love that Netflix has a ton of foreign/indie flicks but it’s impossible to find and add new cool releases unless you know the title. So I’ve given up on their dumb interface and would like to find a website that can tell me about new releases [both on the big screen and DVD]. It would also be cool if I could find lists by language. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Film Movement - "Easy access to award winning independent and foreign film".
posted by lucia__is__dada at 10:53 AM on September 26, 2007

Best answer: I'm a big fan of Twitch : "News on strange little films from around the world".
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I like Twitch, and was coming here to suggest it, so consider it seconded. (Pitchfork is not a very good way to keep up with indie music.)
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Once you've found films you're interested in, cin-o-matic is a good way to find out when they come to a theater near you (or out on DVD).
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Best answer: Film Threat is pretty good, too.
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Best answer: GreenCine Daily. I subscribe in Google Reader, and star the ones I'd like to see.
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Best answer: Film Comment and Cahiers du Cinema (now in English online).
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