Unique horror movie themes!
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I'm looking for some unique horror movie marathon themes.

I'm planning on doing a 30 Days of Horror month and need some ideas for themes for about 4-6 movies at a time.

I want to avoid cliched lists liks 'slasher movies' or '1950's' and am more interested in ideas similar to the ones that were mentioned in this previous question (without the scifi).

A few ideas:
Siblings - (Dead Ringers, Jeepers Creepers, Two Sisters)
Everyone dies at the end! - (Spoilers, but you know what I mean)
Heavy-handed social commentary - (Hostel II, Land of the Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatchers)
Hands come to life! (Idle Hands, Evil Dead, Addams Family, The Hand)
I hate doors! - (The Shining, Halloween, most house invasion movies)
Teenagers played by 30 year olds (most slasher movies)
Before they were famous (Nightmare on Elm Street, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes etc.)

The theme can be serious or silly and the same goes for the movies themselves. Bonus points if you can suggest a handful of movies to go with your suggested theme.

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Evil Toys: Demonic Toys, Puppet Master, Child's Play. (All of those have numerous sequels as well.)
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What about:

They were dead all along! (The Others, and, obviously, The Sixth Sense)
Losing your virginity gets you killed (basically every horror movie)
The thing has come alive! (some inanimate object comes to life, seeking mayhem and/or revenge
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Fourth Wall Breaks: Returns of the Killer Tomatoes, Funny Games, In The Mouth of Madness
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Space Horror (Event Horizon, Sunshine, that terrible Hellraiser sequel that was set in space)
Killer Robots (Chopping Mall, other cheesy ones I can't remember)
Silent Horror (Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, etc.)
Crazy Endings (Sleepaway Camp, Haute tension, Psycho although that's heavily spoiled for everyone)
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Holidays that aren't Halloween (My Bloody Valentine; Leprechaun; Gremlins; Silent Night, Deadly Night)
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Hood Horror: Tales from the Hood, Hood of Horror, Attack the Block, Leprechaun: In The Hood (also Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood/)

Space Horror

There's also Jason X, Leprechaun 4: In Space, and Alien (only the first one is a horror film, IMO.)
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Aotearoa is the Maori phrase for New Zealand. (Braindead/Dead Alive, The Locals, The Quiet Earth)
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Horror with Women That Aren't Victims (May, Ginger Snaps, Dark Water (Japanese))
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bad babies...rosemarys baby...the omen etc...
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Teenage Girl Puberty Horror: Ginger Snaps (and Ginger Snaps 2 and 3), Jennifer's Body, Teeth

Verite horror: Blair Witch, [REC], Cloverfield, Cannibal Holocaust...more here

Evil babies/children: The Omen, Rosemary's Baby, The Brood
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There was a period, after the success of The Sixth Sense, when there was a run of what I might call "Twilight Zone" movies: thrillers without explicit gore. So, maybe:

The Sixth Sense
The Others
The Forgotten
Mothman Prophecies
White Noise
The Eye

Extra credit, none of these are terrible films. (Mothman is my fave, btw.)
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Stay in this haunted house for a prize/inheritance: House on Haunted Hill, Haunted Castle, The Haunting, Thir13en Ghosts

Water is dangerous: Ghost Ship, What Lies Beneath, Dark Water

Creatures in the water are dangerous: Jaws, Anaconda, Lake Placid, Black Water, Anaconda

Haunted Asylums: Session 9, Gothika, The Ward
(You could also do haunted hospitals or maybe even amusement parks)

28 days is the key: 28 Days Later, The Amityville Horror

The kids aren't all right: Children of the Corn, The Lost Boys, Rosemary's Baby

The kids aren't all right (at school): Cry Wolf, Disturbing Behavior, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, The Faculty

Add Christine to the "It's come alive" list.
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Here's an interesting sequence:

The Thin Blue Line
The Last Broadcast
The Blair Witch Project
The Curse of the Blair Witch (added as an "extra" [really, another movie] to the above).

I contend that the first led to the second which led to the third. The fourth is just gravy (awesome gravy).
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Add The Bad Seed to the evil children theme.
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Culty Latin Craziness: Santa Sangre, Alucarda, At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul
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Body horror: Tetsuo the Ironman, Videodrome, Altered States

Unknown beasties will most likely kill you in terrible ways: The Descent, Dog Soldiers....Brotherhood of the Wolf?
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My friends and I are big fans of watching TERRIBLE horror movies (such as: The Gingerdead man, so I suggest that as a theme.

If you would like to further explore the genre of horrible horror movies, I suggest: Holiday (especially Christmas) themed horror movies (Santa's Slay features a curling match with the devil) & horror movies starting former professional wrestlers (a bigger sub genre than you might think, and they are all hilariously bad)
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Deranged Doctors: Re-animator, Human Centipede, Dead Ringers
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Superior Scandinavian horror movies of the past few years:

1.) Trollhunter
2.) Let the Right One In
3.) Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This includes Finland, which some Scandinavians obviously do not consider part of Scandinavia at all.
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Devymetal, I'm actually Finnish myself. You can add Sauna (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1124394/) to that list. It's set in Finland in 1595 which makes for a pretty unique setting.

Actually, Dead Snow and Nightwatch are two rather good Danish horror movies...

Thanks for the suggestions all, keep them coming!

So far I'm liking the Scandinavia connection, crazy Latin cult movies, puberty horror (with the inclusion of Carrie) and kids in school...
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Extra bonus points for suggestions for daylight horror movies. (Triangle and Piranha 3D spring to mind immediately).
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"While on a Boat", though Jaws is the only one I've got for that one. Haunted cruise ships would work as well.
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You might find something on this awesome chart.
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Eat this movie (or be eaten): The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Cannibal Holocaust, Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, Motel Hell

Daylight horror movies: The Hitcher, Cabin Fever, I Spit on Your Grave, Cujo

American Remake/Remix vs. Original (Asian-Free Zone): The Vanishing (1998/1993), Let Me In/Let The Right One In, Quarantine/[REC]

Virtually all-female casts: The Descent, Silent Hill, Martyrs
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Nazi zombies.
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Unusual sexual acts in horror movies: Reanimator, Evil Dead I, Rosemary's Baby, The Entity, Exorcist, Nekromantic, Hostel 2.
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Foreign Frights (Grudge, Ring, eh...-add other foreign horror movies here-)
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