Inspire me in a foreign language.
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Please recommend me some recent non-English language movies/documentaries that are uplifting/inspiring/funny/have happy endings.

So a few days ago I found out about the Indian movie 3 Idiots from this AskMe question. I'd never heard of it. I learned that it was a huge hit in India but was never commercially released in Japan, where I live. I got hold of a DVD. I loved it!

I've seen this thread from 2010, and while it's got some great suggestions, I'd like recommendations of more recent non-English-language movies/documentaries in a similar vein. I want to see new works, as in the past few years or so, so for example Amelie is a bit too old.

So, any suggestions? I don't care how huge a hit the film was in the country it was made in, because, like 3 Idiots, I might not have heard about it. English subtitles are a must, though.

Oh, and no Japanese films please, I'm Japanese and subtitle them for a living, so I know all about them!

Thanks in advance!
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Etre et Avoir
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I LOVED Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, another recent Bollywood hit.
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Best answer: Les Fugatifs - not very recent but funny and has a classic happy ending.
Bienvenue chez les Ch'ts.
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The Artist.
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It's not much (any?) newer than Amelie, but Elling was wonderful. You can stream it for free on Amazon if you've got Prime.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!

It's really hard to pick best answer and I'll definitely look into all of your suggestions, but I think I'll try to see Bienvenue chez les Ch'ts next, since it appears to have been a recent hit in France but wasn't released in theaters or on DVD here.
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Mi abuelo, mi papá y yo
Intimate Stories--This one is from 2002, but it is so wonderful
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Have fun with Bienvenue chez les Ch'ts - aside from your basic criteria I think it is a great film for a subtitler.
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Coming back here to recommend you another French one: Intouchables. It is a pretty outstanding film from 2011 - based on a true story. And it also fits your criteria of "uplifting/inspiring/funny" to a T.
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