Old coat, I say to you: goodbye, my faithful friend.
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[ClothingGiftFilter] I need a VERY STURDY hoodie/track jacket substitute for my husband. Price: up to $150.

My husband is 6', and an XXL/52" chest. Like most guys (and, um, me), when he finds something he loves, he wears nothing but that piece until it gets noticeably threadbare.

He is moving up at work (computer networking); he needs things that look a bit nicer but are still easy enough to grab and go -- and not too nice that he won't wear them. They need to work with both jeans/band t-shirt and Dockers/button-up shirt.

Currently: Old Navy track jackets that were a nice step up from his beloved hoodies, but he wears the elbows out (and they only seem to sell them for like a week every spring)
Likes: full zip, very plain, pockets, black/gray/brown/navy, no prominent logos (such as contrasting North Face)

A fleece or similar (not too plush or covered in zippers) might work. Anything with stronger-than-average elbows would be great. I did once buy him a nice Calvin Klein ribbed cardigan, but I think it might not have been warm enough. We live in Wisconsin, and he tends to wear this as his outer layer.

He MIGHT go for a blazer he could also wear with jeans, which I've suggested. Without specific examples, though, I don't think he'd go looking for one.

Extra bonus for something longer that will mask his saggy-pants tendencies...

Thank you!
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All the bigger guys I know with rough-and-tumble jobs wear Carhartt for its durability. They have a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy and it seems like they have a wider variety of styles and colors than the brownish overalls you're probably thinking of.

Also, Dickies.
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My husband loves his Carhartt thermal-lined hooded sweatshirt.
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Look no further than Duluth's firehose material! They make this-looks-like-a-workcoat coats and this-looks-cool coats, and coats in between, so you should be able to find something you like. And they're guaranteed not to wear out.
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(If you go with something from Duluth Trading Company, their physical store is in Mt. Horeb.)
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Ibex makes great merino wool hoodies and full zip 'sweatshirts'... most of them are pushing your budget (~$160), but they are built very tough, are quite stylish (come in the right colors too), incredibly comfortable, and keep you warm.

Check out the Shak line...or here's a nice looking full zip hoodie with hand pockets.

They are expensive (luckily I live near the headquarters and annual cheapo 'ibex tent sale') but worth it even at full price IMHO...they will last a long time too.

The only issue I see would be the logo, which be a bit prominent (not like Northface though, or even Carhart).
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From Ms. Vegetable:
LLBean? Lands End?
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Filson has him covered on all counts. Lasts a lifetime, decidedly man-styled without being trendy or full of logos, and as warm as you will need. I grew up in Chicago and have lived in Seattle the last 20 years. Their wool (in different weights depending on the coat/shirt) is durable, dense, and maintains its shape and fit. You might take a look at these specific ones:

Outfitter Jacket
Mackinaw Wool Bomber
Seattle Wool Bomber
Jac-Shirt (which is incredibly warm and looks good enough to be worn as a shirt with khakis at a desk all day long)

These also come in optional long lengths.
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I traded my hoodie for a canvas, flannel-lined, snap-front Carhartt shirt-jacket thing, and have no regrets. No hood, but I never used it anyway.
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Tall sizes, too.
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My husband has thing for Timberland Hoodies both the normal ones and the fleece lined ones. He hates logos and they usually have ones with subtle logos and he is tough on clothes and they last for him. They are smart enough he'll wear them but not so expensive he's too worried about damaging them to wear them. I keep trying to talk him into a Carhartt shirt/jacket as I like the look of them but he won't be swayed.
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