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Whuh? They killed Scrabulous? What now?

Simple question...

What excellent word games can I challenge my Facebook friends to?
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Words With Friends
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Lexulous (very very similar) appears to be working, still.
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Lexulous is Scrabulous. If I remember correctly, the hammer of trademark came down mightily upon Scrabulous.
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Scrabble is available as a Facebook game and it's great. And if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone you can download the app and play your Facebook games on there (or play against a bot if you feel like it).
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Lexulous is what Scrabulous became, though I think Words With Friends has a bigger userbase these days.

WordFeud is another iOS/Android one, though I don't know if there's Facebook integration.

And the Scrabble nerds like Internet Scrabble Club, which is totally ancient and predates FB entirely.
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They didn't kill Scrabulous. They renamed it Lexulous.
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I wouldn't wish "Words with Friends" on my worst enemy.
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Lexulous is Scrabulous BUT with eight tiles instead of seven and an extra row of squares added so as not to infringe.

What Lexulous has over all the other contenders is that you can play a real "challenge" game, where non-dictionary words AKA "phonies" may be placed (either unintentionally or as a bluff) and then challenged by opponents. This is a huge part of Scrabble gameplay, and the fact that you can't do it on the online version of Scrabble (TM) is ridiculous.

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The gameplay of Words With Friends is terrible compared to Scrabble because of how the bonus squares are arranged. So be warned.
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Just another voice against "Words with Friends"--though I play it all the time (convenient on the iPad), because of all the super bonus's that are possible, games outcome is usually determined halfway through...
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