Buying SIM-free cell phones
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Anyone have any recommendations on a good place to buy cell phones?

I'm trying to work out where to do my next cell phone purchase. My carrier (T-Mobile) does not carry anything I want - no Sony-Ericsson products, no (decent) Windows Mobile handhelds (in fact, they seem to not be pushing anything but BlackBerries and Danger HipTops, neither of which I want), no Symbian. I'm not interested in switching service so going with Cingular is out of the question (and I won't even consider a non-GSM provider). So, now I need to find a decent place to buy the cell phone I want from. I haven't made a definite decision right now - current tossup is between i-mate Jam, i-mate SP3, Sendo X, and SE Z500/P910 phones - but not much of a clue as to where to buy them. eXpansys looks like it's the biggest and/or the most reputable, but Froogle returns some cheaper hits on a couple of those phones. The biggest question is finding one that has a good return policy (as I don't want to get stuck eBaying a phone I don't like) and isn't just a scam (since a lot of these companies look fairly shady). So, does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy unlocked phones?
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If you don't already know, you need to make sure the phones cover 1900MHz, T-Mo's main frequency. Also having 850MHz is also a plus in case you need to roam onto Cingular in an emergency.
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I totally agree with the teeny bopper demographic phones they are pushing, Nokia has so many gorgeous phones out. I've had 4 cell phones and Nokia's have been flawless. Most of my friends phones which are Samsungs, or Motorolas have many strange problems and can't survive falls. Nokia phones are nearly indestructible.
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eBay is good.
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(Slightly OT: The Sendo X is a crummy phone. Buggy software, awful camera (even for a phone), useless flash, missing features, etc)
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hmm.. interesting comment on the Sendo, most reviews I've read were pretty glowing about it. then it's another one of those things that I just can't play with - no one in the US carries Sendo.

thanks for the replies so far - ebay is good except for the hit-or-miss return policies and such.. and fwiw I hate motorola phones now :)
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Let me make your day. Check this out:

SE 910A

You're welcome.

To me, this is the best phone you listed and that fits your criteria. Does a lot, and has a lot of support, plus, it just plain works great. Enjoy.

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Expansys is a very good way to go if you're worried about getting burned. Thanks to their customer service, I was able to return that piece-of-crap Sendo X after 4 months of pain and go back to my good old Nokia 3650, whilst I wait for the N-series.

Don't get the Sendo X. I was suckered by the reviews as well. It is garbage.
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