How do I find an image file for this famous image?
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So I love this image, and want to use it for an art project. It's old, so I'm pretty sure it's public domain. I'll find out. But meanwhile, does anyone know where I can find a hi-res image file of this photo? I tried emailing that website, but no dice.
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In case it's helpful, it's a publicity shot for "The Egyptian" (1954), and shows up in a few different forms (including black and white) on Google image search. Is this one better, maybe?
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The photo is by Frank Powolny who worked for Twentieth Century Fox - I would assume they still hold the rights to the image and that they might be a good contact point if you want a hi-res version.
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1954 works are still under copyright in the US, so presumably All Posters has an agreement.
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There's a color print on eBay for $10.
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Corbis has a shot from the same session but not nearly the same layout. You may be able to find it in one of the other stock photo houses.
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