Where can I get a fabulous and cheap gown for a black tie wedding?
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I have nothing to wear to a black tie wedding on New Year's Eve and I'm on a tight budget. Where in NYC can I find a fabulous, perhaps second hand, long dress for less than $150?

I've never been to a black-tie wedding and want to look super elegant. Beacon's Closet doesn't really have nicer, fancier, long dresses. Macy's and Bloomingale's are outside my budget of around $150. I'm sure there are shops all over the city where I can look but I don't know where they are. Help?
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I'm not in NYC, but this looks like a pretty nice list.
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Based on a few strange trips to the fancy dress section of Loehmann's in Riverdale (aka, the Bronx), this might be your solution.
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This sounds rather cool to me, but I don't know if you'd want to drop $100 just to wear the dress once...
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Not in NYC, but check bluefly.com. You can often score glamorous duds on the cheap.
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Good list of second-hand places in NYC (in slidedhow form).
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Loehmann's and Century 21. It can be hit or miss (and sometimes the discounts are still way above budget), and you have to sift through racks of not-nicely-displayed clothing, but it can be done--especially if you have a few non-consecutive weekends before your event to check after they update their merchandise.

Also, don't discount Macy's, Lord & Taylor, etc during their sales. I've gotten a couple of really nice dresses for fancy-pants events at L&T, in particular, during sales events, and they've been deeply discounted. Check online for in-store coupons (both on their websites and via google or Retailmenot.com-type places). I got something for a December event last year in mid-November (so, now!) and they had like an entire floor that was on sale. There will definitely be sales in the next couple of weeks for Thanksgiving, too; if you don't want to face the crowds you could always go try on some stuff now and then order online during the sale periods. (Although they don't always have all of the same merchandise.)

Have fun!
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You CAN find stuff in Macy's for $150, look on the sale rack. Also, Cache is great for that too.

What size do you wear? I might have something for you. MeMail me and I will send you some photos. I live in NYC.
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Filene's basement/SYMs just went bankrupt. Try them first.
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Seemingly unconventional, try this dress from Express. I just bought it in black and was amazed at how elegant I felt in it. The belt in the picture makes it look much more casual but, with the right accessories, could be classic perfection for your NYE wedding.

If you do order (I'm not sure it's available in store), scour the internet first for Express coupons which usually aren't too hard to find.
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Response by poster: Oh wow! I'm clearing out the upcoming weekend to get to as many of these places as possible. Thank you everyone!
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Tokio 7 in the East Village has fantastic prices for designer duds- most of their cocktail dresses are under $150 and they have gowns as well. Seconding Loehmann's and Macy's-- Macy's sales are fantastic.
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With that budget and this amount of time, you can DEFINITELY score a great dress!
- how much do you like shopping? If not at all, then find a dress you like, and get it. If you do like shopping, don't settle for something that works - keep looking for a great piece at a good price. If you wait until Dec. 20th or so, everything will be on mad sale!

What size are you?

With great jewelry, nice hair and shoes - this v-neck wrap would be gorgeous and would be very wearable for a number of other occasions.

This Tahari sheath is beautiful.

This little red satin number would be the bomb on the right person!

This cowl would be great with the right jewelry and hair!

Copper sequins

Black chiffon

Scalloped lace sleeves?

Sequins at BR - and there are oodles of others for just above your budget, but with the 25% off coupons floating around, they'd definitely fall into your range.

Keep an eye on ASOS. And really - go shopping. Ask a friend to come along, make a day of it. You're in NYC - soooo much great shopping to be had!
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Are you willing to rent the dress instead of buy it? Rent the Runway offers a really amazing selection at pretty reasonable prices (at least, as oppose to buying...)
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Oh, I totally missed Cairdeas's suggestion - nevertheless, I still recommend it!
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