Can an Xbox 360 or PS3 Play Archived Ripped DVDs
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Can an XBox 360 and/or Playstation 3 be made to play archived/ripped DVDs that preserve the menu structure? Is there a guide for doing that somewhere?

I'm not really a gamer, so I don't have an Xbox or a PS3. I am very tempted by videos I've seen of Skyrim though, so I'm thinking about getting a console, but I'm not sure which one.

I want to be able to play DVDs and Blue Rays (which has me leaning towards PS3 if only because of the Blue Ray piece). I also have a hard drive with archived DVDs in the Video_TS format. I'd like to be able to point at the files and play back DVDs with full menuing. Can that be done with either of those consoles? Seems like it would be a solved problem by now if it was possible, but I'm having trouble finding how to guides that don't start with having you convert the video to a workable format first.

It seems that XBMC may be able to do that, but that doesn't work on a 360 from what I can tell. I don't think I can play Skyrim on an old Xbox, so I need something that will work on a more modern console.
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Why not just get a small PC that can play Skyrim and hook that up to your TV? It will be of much more use to you then a console if and when you grow tired of the game.
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Best answer: The xbox 360 nor the ps3 can support playing dvds in a ripped format. You can stream the vob files from a server using something like tversity, but you won't get the menu structure. The best you could get would be automatic playing of the longest title through transcoding with tversity.

You could also transcode the files from the dvd yourself, using something like handbrake, but this is a manual process, and will take a very long time. You will also have to figure out how the dvd organizes titles/chapters, which is especially annoying if you are watching a lot television series, as some place each episode in a particular title, and some place all episodes in the same title.

The most effective, and sadly expensive way to play skyrim and watch dvd's is to buy/build an HTPC that can play skyrim. You can even plug in an xbox 360 controller (using a purchasable wireless dongle) to play. Almost all games that have 360 ports work perfectly with it.
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There are advantages to playing games on the PC rather than a console. There is an extensive and enthusiastic modding community and publishers release tools to facilitate modding. Have a look at at Skyrim Nexus or at the Nexus Forums, for example. Also, with the latest video cards, a PC can have more powerful graphics hardware than any console and can play games with more detail at faster framerates.
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