Wall poster maps with unusual projections
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Where can I buy poster-style world maps with unusual projections? Or, is there somewhere I can get very high resolution printable images suitable for creating posters from?

Or free software I can use to generate very high res maps with custom projections?

Inspired by the recent xkcd, I know a couple of people who'd love an interesting map poster for Christmas - but after a bit of Googling I'm unable to see much for purchase.

I'm particularly enthusiastic about projections which get close to accurate relative proportions at all latitudes/longtitudes. Waterman is good, but some way to get a poster of something like this (myriahedral) would be great.
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Best answer: Try Stanfords.

I love the Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Airocean World Wall Map.
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Best answer: New Internationalist sell a good value Peters Projection map (there's also a more expensive laminated version).
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Best answer: If you end up rolling your own, NASA has some pretty nice satellite imagery, available in hi-res for public use as long as the imagery is attributed to NASA. And they make a tool that converts equirectangular map images into any of 90 different projections.
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