M$ Exchange to Google Apps Gmail: good idea?
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Moving from Microsoft Exchange mail/contacts/calendar to Google Apps Gmail/contacts/calendar. Can you share your stories, please?

I'm currently using Microsoft Exchange solutions for an agency of 5 to 10 people. I'm thinking of moving to Gmail (= Google Apps) because:

- it's cheaper (3 $ per e-mail/month instead of 10 $)
- I don't need a 3d party to set up new addresses
- more storage (I now use an "on site" mail storage system)

I do have some specific demands of the system, though, like:

1. shared calendar (the entire team should be able to share a calendar)
2. shared contacts (the outlook contacts currently used as a CRM of sorts)
3. when people leave the agency, I need to be able to keep their e-mails (in case of litigation)

Basically I'm looking for people who made this move earlier, and who can share their experiences with me, pro's & cons of MS X versus Google Apps. Thanks in advance.
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I migrate my clients' emails to Google Apps all the time. Everything works well, except that some people are Outlook die hards. They get confused by Gmail interface and conversation view (You can turn this off in settings). For those people I install Outlook and connect their accounts to Gmail using IMAP.
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