Help me find anonymous/pseudonymous bloggers?
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Can you help me find currently-active anonymous or pseudonymous bloggers? Niche is fine (e.g. mommybloggers, warbloggers, foodbloggers), but more popular/well-known is better.

It seems like every anonymous blog I knew about's come out from under the veil, willingly or not, including Belle du Jour, Waiter Rants, Fake Steve Jobs, Gay Girl in Damascus, etc. I'm doing research for a blog post about the topic, and would love as many currently-maintained anonymous/pseudonymous blogs you can throw at me. Thanks so much.
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The Epicurean Dealmaker, M&A investment banker.
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Annoyed Librarian
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The Pearl Professor. Although some people thought they had it figured out a few years ago, it's never been confirmed.
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Mimi Smartypants, my favorite.
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Manolo's Shoe Blog.
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Ruth Bourdain
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I believe Mini Microsoft is still pseudonymous.
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Mimi Smartypants was completely anonymous for a long time, but I'm not sure if she still qualifies. I know she does readings occasionally, she just wrote about agreeing to go talk to some college students.
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Mexican antinarco blogs?
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On the liberal political front, we have Atrios (though he's pretty much out), Digby, Angry Black Lady, Tbogg (also pretty much out), the whole crew at Fafblog (when they post), the guys at Sadly, no!
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Ace of Spades. It's actually a group blog, but Ace, the leader, is a pseudonym.

There's also Allah-pundit, coblogger at Hot Air.
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I'm a big fan of Tales from the Hood - I have no idea how well-known the blog is outside of humanitarian/development circles. This interview with "J" discusses why he and many other bloggers in aid NGOs stay anonymous.
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Response by poster: These are great, thanks everyone.
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Response by poster: Gilbert: Looks like Angry Black Lady came out too.
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Isabella V from the "She's a Flight Risk" Blog, which is now defunct.
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