[spoiler]: use highlighter pen to reveal
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how do you emulate a [spoiler] tag on paper?

say you were making a page of a puzzle and you wanted to also include the answer key, but you didn't want it to look obvious. how would you conceal the answer?

there's the classic "write with lime juice", but how longdoes that last? how about those magic marker pens?
there's also the more physical "make an envelope/flap".
anything else?
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Very small print and upside down at the bottom of the page; making the font difficult to read otherwise; encode it with a (simple) cipher like ROT13.
posted by Tomorrowful at 8:24 PM on November 12, 2011

Make a little scratch-off spot with the answer hidden within.
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Or, write the answer lightly in blue with red designs over it, then provide a piece of red cellophane through which to view the answer.
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Maybe make the answer a rebus?
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Write the answer on the back?
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Small, upside down, and at the bottom of the page (as Tomorrowful described) was pretty much the standard back in the days of yore when things like magazines and newspapers existed.
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in a book of puzzles, the answers wouldn't be on the same puzzle page - sometimes and index in the back, sometimes a "see page 43 for answer" sort of situation where it's upside down and in small print below a different puzzle.
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Put it on the back? Magically, no one would see it until they flipped the paper over.
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Seconding the red cellophane idea, that's how did did Sierra adventure game hint books back in the day.
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Response by poster: could you make the red cellophane idea work with purple?
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Purple cellophane with blue and red ink? It might work, but not as well as red cellophane, since purple is a secondary color combining blue and red. Purple cellophane would likely let both the red and blue ink show through, making your hidden message unclear.

Maybe try purple cellophane and purple designs over a green hidden message.
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