Regret, turned down job offer, Will the hiring manager consider me for future openings?
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Regret of declining a job offer, I want to know how the Hiring Manager perceived me? Will I be considered for future opportunity?

Over a month ago, I was offered a job from a pharmaceutical company that I've been wanting to work for but declined for couple of reasons. The job was posted in June 2011, and they did not call me until Aug. 28th for interview..I have a special need daughter and I told the Hiring Manager that Im afraid I cannot give them realistic start date because I need to find a nanny for special need kids and did not had the nanny at the time the offer was presented. Although the hiring manager is ok with me attending to my daughter needs during lunch or break, I felt that I would not be able to focus on my new job, I did not think it will be fair for the company if I take long hours to get my daughter to school and home...I felt guilty that I would jeopardize my work, so I told them that I will secure my daughter's need first. After a month i found a nanny for my daughter...(BTW, when I applied for the job in June 2011 I had a nanny but since they called me August I already let go of the nanny who went back to her country for good..)
Anyway, I called the hiring manager to see if the job is still available and I'm very interested to take the offer but it was filled already. Now I'm dealing with depression that I may not be able to work for that company because of what had happened. I wish I just tried to work it out and if they complain about me taking long hrs to attend to my daughter's need, so what, at least I got the job and I'm in...
The hiring manager was so kind and gracious, so I wanted to give truthfulness and 100 percent to the job that's why I declined. But its me who suffer now.. Any hiring Manager or recruiter out there can give me their thoughts will help me learn and move forward..
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If they would have hired you before, they will almost certainly hire you again if another similar position becomes open. You did nothing to compromise your position as a viable candidate. Apply again next time the right position becomes available.
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It is much better this way. You have shown them maturity and responsibility. If you had taken the job, you would not have done a good job, and maybe would not have been considered a candidate for promotion or pay raises.

I once turned down a job offer from a company I very badly wanted to work for (it was a 20 hour per week position, but I really needed 40). It was very hard to say "No thank you," but a few months later I applied for and got a much better position at the same company.
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I work in staffing/recruiting. I think that you would be considered again. However, your situation with your daughter would also be considered, as it is what kept you from accepting employment previously. If you were to apply again, I would make sure that you have or are able to get all of her needs taken care of and that you are able to convey that to the company. Otherwise they may feel, "why bother going through this process again?"

But you definitely did the right thing and no company should see honesty and commitment as a bad thing.
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Response by poster: @rRock Steady I hope I get lucky and get a job at the same company...although I hope to go the same group I got job offer before, since it looks like the manager and his team seems to be a great team to work with....for me, work is always work, its the people that makes a great, i hope my honesty and commitment will pay off..
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