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Help finding the right career. This is not looking for a job I have one of those but I want to know what careers I should be looking at.

As I said I have a job for now but I want to figure out what I should be looking for as a career. I though that I knew but I found that I really did not want to work for slave wages and that was all the career offers.
I am 28 years old a college grad with a degree in History
I love to talk and deal with people (have done work in museum as a educator I loved the job but looked into stuff like it and the pay sucked)
Can work on projects with little to no supervision if I know what I am doing and if I don't know how to do something I am not scared to ask
I can use a computer but only at its most basic office level (word, excel, ect.)
Can not edit or proof read because I have dyslexia
Like animals and the outdoors but am not in the best physical shape
Want to stay were I am for now (Olympia area of Wa)
Do not want to go back to school yet (if at all)
Do not want to become a schoolroom teacher
Besides working in the museums only other work experience is in offices mainly as a temp.
If you need more information please say so because I want all the ideas that I can get
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I have a friend who's thinking about becoming a headhunter. The pay's good as long as you do well: it's commission-based, and you get a percentage of the starting salary of anyone you place. You certainly talk and deal with people a lot.

I know very little about the field, so don't take my word for it. Unfortunately, it's very hard to search for information about careers in recruiting, for obvious reasons.
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What about a library? Working at a help desk might be challenging from the people perspective of things. Most library computer systems are becoming easier for the n00b patrons to use, and as long as you could write the Dewey numbers down correctly (even if it takes a second longer to double-check). Becoming a true librarian would require a Master's, but cross that bridge if you want to make a career out of it.
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Why not take the thing you like and turn it into something that might make money? You like museums and talking with people? Become an uber-guide. Super research all the museums you can, assemble an amazing tour with some entertainment value, clear it with the museums, then charge a fee for taking groups through. You could advertise yourself to schools, to retirees, to staycationers and others. I imagine the museums would love someone actively bringing groups in. Who knows, it might blossom into the reverse: museums would pay you to go out into classrooms and clubs and take the museum to them. Just a thought.
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Just do the job that you love, money will follow eventually. If you are passionate about history it will show when you do your work and you will be rewarded well for it.

I had a job just for money and the pay was good. I took a big drop to move into a career that I loved and within 6 months I was back on the same salary that took me 9 years to reach in the job I did just for the money.

You spend a great deal of time working, do something you enjoy rather than something just for the sake of money.
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I was about to list down jobs where you you could put the writing and analytical skills that you've gained from your education to good use.

Then I realize this

"Can not edit or proof read because I have dyslexia"

bummer ...

Frankly your options are rather limited. You don't want to teach, and research path is probably not open to you as well unless you return to school for an advanced degree.

Best i could help is to give you this link.
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