I need the best solution for storing my CD's in a possible damp environment!
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I am looking for sturdy plastic CD storage units.

We just moved from a home (with a man cave), to a town house. We had to down size.

I have a 2500 CD collection which I am attached to and it pains me to put them into storage but I understand it is the reality until we buy a new home in a few years.

Right now, the CD's are in cardboard archive boxes sitting in our basement. While my father-in-law (our landlord) insists that it is dry down there, our movers expressed concern about the 'dampness' they felt in the air, and said my CD's wouldn't last the winter without the booklets getting ruined.

I am looking to transfer them into similar type boxes but in clear plastic so I can easily browse when I want to.

I found two scenario's:
1) http://www.amazon.com/Sterilite-16558010-28-Quart-Storage-See-through/dp/B001QFYYSC/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1320973852&sr=1-1

or 2) http://www.storables.com/large-transparent-cd-dvd-media-box.html

Granted, this wasn't a long search....but both of these may serve my needs....Wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions or places to check out....

I do not want to take them out of the jewel cases and put them into portable albums, and yes, I know that CD's are in the past....I am well into the digital age, but I am not ready to sell off my collection completely. In the last year I got it down from 4500 CD's. I have a 'weird' emotional attachment to keeping these in my life...

Your idea's and suggestions are welcome!
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Just a suggestion since dampness is a concern: whatever storage method you choose, buy a pack of desiccant pouches and toss a few into each box before sealing them up.
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Response by poster: Will do!
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Just an interesting side note/footnote for you: I'm similar to you, with close to 5,000 CDs in my downstairs area. I took three box loads to a local 'used' CD stores the other day -- thinking I'd make an extra 2 or 3 hundred dollars. What did I leave the store with? 28 dollars.

It's sad days for the CD. Just something to think about.
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I don't have a plastic box solution, but I have an alternative suggestion. The Benno CD tower at IKEA holds about 180 CDs a tower. It's only a smidge deeper than a CD. I put a bunch of them in a super narrow hallway and it's like they're not there at all (and they look great! I got the pretty blue color). Might be a hefty initial investment to get them, but at least you could keep the things you treasure in a non-hostile environment and not really lose any space.
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Response by poster: Zen, I hear ya....It was tough enough parting with the ones I did...And yeah, if i were smart, i'd try and get rid of tem now while they still have a drop of value, but I simply don't want to..There is the emotional attachment...

Clone, thanks...I have great wooden cd shelves, but simply no wall space at this point for any kind, so it has to be some sort of 'box solution...thank ya though.
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I use those exact same Sterilite tubs to store my CDs. They fit pretty much perfectly in 3 rows lengthwise down the tub.
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Response by poster: Awesome....I was hoping someone would answer who has used them...That is basically all I need to know....I'll probably order them! thank you!
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Response by poster: Zsazsa, do you know how many one box will approximately hold?
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I went out to our storage shed to check the label on the tubs I'm using. Turns out I actually have the 32qt Sterilite 1755. I can't check how many fit in each; I'd have to move way too many boxes!
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Response by poster: no worries...
i was just at Walmart and there is a Sterilite 1926, that also may do the trick!
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