Awesome and practical Etsy gifts?
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What are some practical and reasonably-priced Etsy shops and/or gifts?

I love this thread from last year, which formed the basis of my 2010 holiday shopping. In perusing that thread, I loved the custom camera bag idea, and the links to other great Etsy sellers (although that comment is particularly container-specific). It seems like there are probably lots of Etsy shops that specialize in useful things that are customizable and would make great gifts...I just don't know where they are or how to find them.

My trouble is basically this person's problem: I can't navigate Etsy to find great stuff. Unlike that AskMe, however, I'm in search of great gifts that are are practical, and aren't terribly expensive (I'm thinking less than $50, but price would probably depend on what the gift is). It seems like Etsy should have lots of useful, custom gifts that I'm unable to find amidst all of the dangly earrings and art photography.

Any ideas?
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I'll type up my favorite shops in a second, but first I want to draw your attention to Regretsy. The site is not only funny, but it has it's own "private" club, CF4L (that's also the password.)

People can advertise their shops there, and the lady who runs it is setting up some special things for Christmas. I think it's going to be kind of like the old Alchemy thing that Etsy used to have.
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Well, here are my Etsy favorite items and shops. I buy a lot for kids, so big hits have been the superhero cape, sockmonkey and wooden toys. For grownups, I like food - custom fortune cookies, chocolates and I love the fancy dishwashing gloves. For myself I've bought lots of coin purses, laptop bags and endless soap.

Specific gift ideas: cool spice storage. Vintage Confections. Gourmet spice or salt kits. Corkboards and decorative cork items (great for wine lovers.)
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I've noticed that selling hollowed-out book safes seems to be a popular thing on Etsy. There are a number of sellers doing it when I checked, and I was thinking about buying one for a Yankee swap this year.
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Any specific category you're looking for? Here are some things on my wishlist:
Awesome wall calendar
Custom address stamp
Handmade hammock
Doily clock
Camera case
Tea towels
Circle scarf

Another good way is to look for gift guides put out by blogs (keep checking in with these-some get updated through the month of Nov/Dec):
Bloesem gift guide
Poppytalk Gift guide Also Poppytalk Marketplace
Emily Henderson Gift Guide
Design Sponge (the gift guide is not up yet but they usually do one)
Creature Comforts gift guide called Gifted Magazine (comes out tomorrow I think?)
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I saw something on Fred Wilson's blog (he is an investor in Etsy) about how it can connect up with Facebook now and make gift recommendations for you. Might be worth looking into.
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Can't link to it from my phone but sweaternana on etsy (easy to find) makes great winter hats! My favorite is the hipster hat w/integrated beard (practical in my climate too).
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How I find wonderful items on Etsy:

- Check out the Treasury page. You can use the search box at the top, to search by item name or "under $50", "under $25"

- Definitely try the Shop Local search and the Local feature to narrow your search. Nearby cities in your same country = less shipping, yay!

- If you've signed up, definitely favorite & follow people that have good shops, good favorite lists, good treasuries... Then Etsy will show you what they've made that's new. There's also an email newsletter that sends images of featured items daily.

- I think searching for "organizer" finds some neat stuff.
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I am thinking of getting a few people on my list personalized platters this year. Keeping with the kitchen/food theme, this shop has some nice personalized tea towels, as does this one. Or these glasses could make a very cool gift. Also for the kitchen, I love the prints here and here.
These lovely custom bookplates could be good for the bibliophile on your list.
If you search for felted slippers, there are a lot of gorgeous results that would make excellent practical gifts.
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You can take a look at this shop for such things as crocheted scarves and laptop sleeves. I believe some customization is possible on request.
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Depending on what you consider practical... here are my favorite shops.

(Have you considered quilts?)
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There's more than one shop that has turkish bath towels that look really lovely, and are in your price range.
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I'm not sure what you might consider useful. Sandwich wraps? You might get more answers if you gave more details.
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