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Would a FiiO amplifier or similar be suitable for amplifying my TV through headphones?

I like to listen to TV and play videogames through headphones. My Samsung TV doesn't have a headphone socket, so I connect the headphones to the Audio Out on the back. Only problem with this is that there's no way to adjust the volume that's coming out of the Audio Out, and it's too quiet for me (about 50-60% of what I'd like).

So my question is, would a 'headphone amplifier' - designed for little things like iPods - be suitable and give me enough boost, or would I need to go for a proper 'hifi separate'-type amplifier? And if a headphone amplifier is ok, I'm thinking of getting a Fiio - are they any good?
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It will probably work 'ok' - I've owned the smaller FiiO E5, and love it. It does have a volume control, so you should get some boost. Best case, they're cheap and trying it out isn't a huge gamble.
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Fiio ordered, thank you pupdog!
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