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Is anyone out there using a blogging platform calendar plugin that lets you define recurring events such as "the second tuesday of each month"?

I'm building a Web site, and many of our events are specified to recur on the basis of a given weekday of each month. The "every X days/weeks/months/years" format of the Wordpress calendar plug-ins I've tried is not satisfactory, and without this feature I'll be in for more data entry than I want.

I'm not wedded to Wordpress, either. If you know of a calendar plugin for Drupal, Joomla, or whatever else that meets this requirement, I would consider learning a new CMS. This project is at an early stage of development, and I'm not a WP expert by any stretch, so it would be an adventure.

By principle I'm an open source kind of guy, but I might pay for a solution.

Not required, but mad props if it can define a single event record to cover an event that occurs on the 1st AND 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Thanks for your recommendations!
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WordPress Google Calendar plugin
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I just started using Events Calendar Pro for WP. (There's a free version that doesn't have recurring events.) But I think the license has been worth the money - it's not perfect, but it's really powerful and the developers are very responsive in the forums if you have a question or problem.
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Response by poster: Thanks both of you! I didn't realize Google calendar had that recurring event option, I tried it with Stout Google Calendar plugin and it works OK. I was already kind of assuming I could have different event categories on my one site calendar, so will need to look into that a bit more.

I'll definitely check out Events Calendar Pro too.
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