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Tourist-y shopping recommendations in Auckland?

Specifically, we're looking to pick up something nice in the $100-$150 NZD range by Saturday morning for a family friend that we don't know well. There have been suggestions of swamp kauri bowls, but the nice ones we've seen have been out of the budget. Maybe a super-schmancy box of New Zealand chocolates or regional specialties, or really nice really skin care stuff by a New Zealand brand, as she is a professional makeup artist?

We're staying in the central district, but have some access to a car and will be swinging around the Great North Street branch of Photo Warehouse.
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A greenstone necklace.
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Stop by Texan Art Schools in Newmarket or Ponsonby and pick up something by an awesome NZ artist. There will be plenty of choices in your price range and you will get something totally unique.
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If it's chocolate and skin care, then you want Devonport Chocolates and Huni products.
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Dude, go to the area near Britomart. DFS (duty free shop). It looks like this.

If you don't find anything there from the 3 floors of shops, walk a block and go to devonport chocolates at queens arcade, or go across the street from dfs and hit up the mall which has at least 4 touristy shops...including a nautical one.

Fancy NZ makeup stuff is on the top floor of DFS. Kate Middleton used all sorts of bee venom on her face before the wedding...and it was from NZ.

So yeah, thats big shit here.
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I think DFS is a pretty boring. It reminds me of all the other high end duty free stores on the planet.

As you'll be on Great North Road, may I recommend a shopping trip to Ponsonby Road? It's just around the corner and packed with wonderful cafes, galleries and gift stores.

There you'll also find Mecca Cosmetica - a great one stop beauty shop.

My favourite NZ beauty products include (this is from a consumer point of view - not a touristy-blah one) include: Trilogy, Huni (gorgeous design! Buy at the Ponsonby Health Shop, 125 Ponsonby Road), Hema, Living Nature, and Sans.

Sans is made by Lucy Marr & Stephen Marr - who have a salon on Ponsonby Road. Trilogy & Living Naure will be widely available to buy, including at the airport if you run out of time :)

Ooh, also on Ponsonby Road is World Beauty - think lots of high end makeup & skin stuff. There's a store in the CBD too - Vulcan Lane. And a Devonport Chocolate store (as mentioned above!)
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Sorry. Re: Devonport Chocolate store >> I meant there's one on Ponsonby Road.
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Ponsonby Road it was! Devenport Chocolates and Texan Art School were fantastic. Just in case anybody else happens to be reading this, we also got some nifty stuff from the Garden Party and the Women's Bookshop and had a tasty mid-shopping break at Bistro 222. They make good hot chocolate!
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