internet download monitor?
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I keep on getting in trouble for going over my daily download limit at work. Can anyone recommend an app which will track how much bandwidth i'm using throughout the day? (for Win XP)

I've looked on the 43folders wiki which has great suggestions about habit breaking, but alongside changing my behaviour I'd really like something that tells me how much I've downloaded.
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I refuse to vouch for a lack of (or lots of) spyware for this download, but I remember DLUL meter being very popular for this. Seems to be free, too.
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Can't you just decide not to watch or listen to anything streaming, and only to surf to text pages (or mostly text pages) like here?
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You might also be able to cut down bandwidth by turning on a personal firewall - there may be a lot of programs and OS components routinely accessing the net because they want to, but they don't need to. Set the firewall to block everything and ask permission if anything tries to access the net. That way, you'll quickly weed out the programs wasting bandwidth.
(Depending on your system, this may save very little bandwidth, or a massive amount.)
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It's actually easy to do.
If you can reboot your computer every morning, at the end of the day (or during the day to check on things) right click on Local Area Connection in your Network Connections folder and select summary. It'll tell you the total data sent and received.

Network and Internet Connections is in the control panel
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quick google turns up bandwidth monitor pro. It ain't freeware, but you can check it out for 30 days, and if it works for you, well, heck spending $20 is probably better than getting fired.

as a postscript, if they're tracking your bandwidth, they're probably also tracking your usage/surfing -- I would look into checking out web proxies and the like.
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nice weblog, btw.
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Response by poster: I'm going to check out all these options, but I think what I was hoping would exist, is a Firefox extension which tracks total internet use (with reset / view patterns for specified time period).

It seems like such an obvious extension. Anyway, as caddis said, I should get back to work.
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Mod note: sorry, removed caddis's "get back to work" comment, didn't mean to make pippa's comment make no sense
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In XP, I just go to Settings -> Network Connections -> Local Area Connection. You can reset it by restarting the computer or just disabling then re-enabling the connection.
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Just monitoring the ethernet packet count on the local area connection might not be very accurate as it doesn't discern between traffic coming from the Internet and traffic from local servers.
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Netmeter. Simple, small, fully featured.
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