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Recommend recipe blogs that use European/UK measurements & pan sizes!

So before I moved to Merry Old England, I used to visit sites like Roost and Bake or Break to try new recipes, but these recipes don't always transfer well. Can you guys recommend any good recipe blogs? Don't have to be in English - I can do Spanish, Italian and French as well. Merci/Grazie/Gracias/Ta!
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David Lebovitz is an American in Paris, and he always provides weights in grams as well as American-style measures.
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I suppose this isn't a blog and you might already know it, but Jamie Oliver's got Jamie Magazine-- I do illustrations for it and when I get copies in the US am struck by how good and easygoing the recipes are. There's some on his website.
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Eat Like a Girl is great and has lots of good links as well.
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Also not a blog, but BBC GoodFood website is good for this. I also got a subscription for their Olive magazine and it's fab.
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