Where can I find some co-working spaces for tech startups in Australia?
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Where can I find some co-working spaces for tech startups in Australia? I'm building a web/mobile startup with my co-founder and would like to be working amongst fellow startup companies.

I've found Fishburners (Sydney) which seems to be a very good: some of it's members are very impressive startups and they seem to have a very active community. Hub Melbourne and Inspire9 (both in Melbourne) seem to be quite active, too.

I've found a few other co-working spaces in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but they seem to be mostly for graphic designers and freelancers whereas I'd probably fit in better with high-growth tech companies.

If anyone knows of any other active co-working spaces, would love to hear!
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I now live in Melbourne after years in Los Angeles where I worked at Idealab.

The York Butter Factory just launched in Melbourne. Their website doesn't have any content yet, but they are open. They're hosting a Startup Weekend event at the moment.

I'm currently doing a lot of work for a Melbourne digital agency which is looking to do more startup-related things and less service-based projects. They've looked into renting desks at some of the busier spaces around town, but for the time being are quite happy operating out of a non-pretentious warehouse in Fitzroy... renting desks to a few startups of various sizes (including some Y-Combinator backed). Space is a bit tight, but MeMail if you have any questions and I can certainly provide more information.
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The Silicon Beach mailing list would be a great place to ask for other ideas!
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I was at Startup Weekend at York Butter Factory and it sounds like a good fit for you. I rent desk space at Hive Studio and it's a little quieter but still has a great mix of people.
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