Help me find my dream urban design, community and technology job.
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I've decided that I want to research / work in the development of strong, sustainable local communities using social networks, web and mobile technologies and urban design practice (particularly new urbanism). The problem is, I don't know how or where to get started in this field.

Does anyone know which organisations are doing this kind of research and work? What publications / websites are the best to start looking at? Are there any good conferences I should think of attending?

I'm Australian, but am currently located in Finland and can work in the EU, so I would love to find out more about organisations in the UK, Europe and Australasia rather than North America.

For further background, my degrees are in Computer Science and New Media and since graduating I've primarily worked in games development but have also floated around bartending, some education and retail, so I have very little research experience (yet).
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Have you checked out the folks at World Changing ? I dont know if its as technology focused as you are asking for, but their book would probably be great foundation for someone in your position. (in my opinion)
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