Occupy Oakland: Are we safe going to Oakland's Fox Theater on Sunday evening? It's at 19th & Telegraph.
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Occupy Oakland: Are we safe going to Oakland's Fox Theater on Sunday evening? It's at 19th & Telegraph.

I realize this is a dynamic situation, but I'm asking for your best guesses as to whether we have a meaningful chance of getting swept up in the protests. For context, here is the map that appeared in the Mercury News, with the Fox Theater added as location #7.

We were planning to take BART's Richmond to Fremont line (Orange Line) from Bay Fair, which will pass through the 12th St. station near Frank Ogawa Plaza, and get off at 19th St. BART. We would probably walk somewhere north on Broadway for dinner.

Is this a good idea? I rode an AC transit bus right past the Occupy Oakland encampment a few weeks ago, but obviously things are different now. My impression, though, is that the protests are overwhelmingly peaceful, and that if we avoid the immediate area, we'll be fine. What say you?
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Best answer: Yep, no problem. There's nothing in particular planned for Sunday (that I know of), and the biggest problem in the surrounding areas in the evening has been the helicopter noise. Even this Wednesday the worst that was happening (until the wee hours when the fringe people started causing a ruckus) were there were some groups of people walking around so you had to be careful when driving, so if you're not driving it ought not be a problem.
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Best answer: I would bet good money that you'll be fine on Sunday.

For one thing, half the Occupy Oakland calendar for Sunday includes "yoga" and "meditation"—and the General Assembly is at 7 p.m., so they'll be busy at theater time.

Even if the cops are teargassing the camp or something, getting the 20 feet from the BART to the theater shouldn't be a problem. You'll be fine!
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Best answer: I've taken BART to the 12th street station thrice now, no issues whatsoever. You will probably be safer than usual since there will be more people milling about.
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Best answer: I'll be there myself (at the Fox Theater). I'm going with a sizeable group, most of whom are locals- and none of them are worried.

I'm not worried either.
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Best answer: Like everyone says, you'll be completely fine. There have been very few isolated moments when being in the vicinity of the protests would have been dangerous or of any concern. Almost the entire time this has been going on, walking by, paying a visit, doing anything local has been completely fine.

The joke in my neighborhood actually is that the Occupiers have, overall, made the Downtown area safer - especially at night.
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Best answer: Also saying you'll be fine. My boyfriend has come home through 19th st BART all week and had no issues. We live a ten minute walk from the City Center and have not substantially changed our lives in any way (we don't have a car, either). I wouldn't think twice about going to eat Downtown or anything else. The only thing that has really affected us is the nearly constant helicopter noise.

Even if (and this is a big if) the worst was to happen, it is pretty easy to skirt riots or tear gas or whatever (at least in my experience). If crazy stuff is going on outside the Fox Theater security probably won't let you out until everything is okay. That's what Whole Foods did when a bunch of Black-Bloc-heads decided to start smashing the windows there.
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Best answer: If you're curious, you could also get off at 12th St., go and visit the encampment on your way to the Fox (it's less than a five minute walk), and see how entirely nonthreatening it is. You wont get swept up in anything unless you are a bank window, and even then you are probably safe.
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Best answer: You'll definitely be fine. I work in an office right by 19th St Bart and it's been no big deal at all, quite literally business as usual. Just a few more sirens and some occasionally distracting helicopter noise. (Also I got so so pumped for the 5 PM march to the port from hearing the protesters go by all day on Wednesday! But that's another story.)
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Best answer: We went to the Fox last Sunday night (Cake!) and it was completely fine. Frankly, I would be more worried about the police than the protesters. The Mayor is now threatening to evict the protesters completely, and if that happens on Sunday night, I would probably stay away. Other than that, I'm sure it will be fine. By the way, Weird Al is awesome!
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OOH!! I am going to that concert too! I am SO EXCITED. Heh, anyway. This is good info. I've been wondering the same things.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, for your responses. I tried to write the question in a neutral way, as violence by police or protestors is equally undesirable from the point of view of a person just trying to get around a city. We'll keep an eye on the situation, but plan to have a great time.
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Response by poster: Things were quiet as could be; even the Raider fans seemed chill. Thanks again.
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