Pooh Emergency! Looking For Rubber Stamps!
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Where can I find Winnie-the Pooh rubber stamps (Milne not Disney)

A friend of mine let me borrow some Pooh stamps of hers last year to use for Christmas. Soon afterwards I went through a move and it seems I lost them in the process. She sent me an e-mail today asking if she could have them back. I wouldn't be so panicked if I hadn't lost a Pooh book of hers from her childhood about 15 years ago. I really want to replace these for her.

I've check E-bay and Etsy and am pursuing this. I am also contacting a friend who was involved in the moving process. ( we were splitting up my partners estate) What other options do I have.

Wish me luck on this......it would mean a lot
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Could you not find any on eBay? eBay seems to have them. Are there particular stamps you are looking for?
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What did they look like? Here's a set on eBay. Wherever you look, try searching for "classic Winnie the Pooh" and you might have better luck.
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On etsy: did you find these?
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I Googled "E. H. Shepard rubber stamp" and found one on Etsy.

You might also have some luck searching for "Classic Pooh."

I also found a chat site dedicated to rubber stamps (who knew!). Worth trying a query there.
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Were these in a set? Did they come in a case? Can you describe that case?
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Response by poster: They are Christmas specific and bought separately. Not in a set. I have checked Etsy and E-Bay. The chat site looks to be a good option. Thanks to everyone so far.
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Go to card/stationary stores. If they have Pooh merchandise at all, they usually have the classic style stuff, not the Disney stuff. You can also try any craft stores in your area.
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Here's Eeyore
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Best answer: Sold, but perhaps ask this person.
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