Where can I get good, cheap, solid-color men's t-shirts?
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Where can I get good, cheap, solid-color men's crew-neck t-shirts? I like these GAP t-shirts, but am looking for a better deal than $17.

I like the above linked GAP t-shirts for the following reasons:

- Fit: I'm skinny and other t-shirts tend to look baggy one me or have loose necks
- Comfort: They are soft and don't have a tag behind the neck
- Look: They come in stylish colors and are nicely faded
- Durability: They have lasted pretty well after multiple wearings and washes

Where can I get a similar t-shirt for less than the $17 that GAP charges?
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Did you see you can currently get 35% off the Gap price (making them about eleven bucks) with that sale code on the top of the page? And if you spend over $50, shipping is free.
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Dickies t-shirts. About 8 bucks a piece and pretty tough. My black ones stay black.
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Target has pretty good t-shirts for women. They may have a similar line for men.
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In Canada at least H&M usually has basic Ts in nice colours for 6 or 7 bucks, never bought one though so can't speak to quality.
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I second Target. My husband has similar criteria to you and he's been liking the Jerzees shirts I've brought home recently. They are usually $5 but sometimes go on sale for $4!
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J. Crew always has t-shirts on sale. They come in a rainbow of "broken-in" colors, don't have tags, last pretty well, and they also come in slim fit. Wait for one of their "30% off Sale Items" sales and you're talking $10.50 to $13.30 each:

Regular Tee
Regular with Pocket
Slim Regular Tee
Slim Regular with Pocket
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Seconding H&M. The prices are good and the clothes tend to have more of the athletic cut that you're looking for.
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Have you looked at old navy? They often have shirts on sale for five bucks a pop, plain crew necks and such.
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Target and H&M would be my recommendations. The Jerzees shirts are okay, but not very fitted. The Mossimo and Merona ones usually have a more athletic fit.
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All of the major brands, usually in the $3-6 range.
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American Apparel would probably fit all your style requirements, but they aren't known for being cheap. I own some AA stuff and have found it reasonably durable. Might be worth checking out.
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While cheap wasn't a criteria, I got some good ideas in this question I recently asked. The L.L. Bean shirts are really nice, cheaper than gap, snug around the neck, really comfortable and hey, free shipping!
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Duluth Trading Co. has decent stuff.
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I buy Mr. jane's tees from t-shirtwholesaler, like doctor_negative recommended.. but then he's a big and tall, not slim like you requested. Take a look at the various tees, I'm sure you'll find the style you are looking for.
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mr jane is big and tall, I have no idea about doctor_negative.
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Wait for Gap to have a sale. Which is all the time. Get on their email list. (Wearing a black Gap t-shirt right now.)
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I got a bunch at Target. Good quality, very inexpensive.
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I've been wearing Old Navy's $6 class tees for a few years and I love them. I don't really care for Old Navy in general, but they do these right.
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Ha! I asked an isotope of this question almost four years ago. And all these people above me asked it again.

My most recent finding: Calvin Klein three packs are running $27 for three or $9 apiece. I just bought sets in both white and black and they seem well made.
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Target has a line of men's crew tees called Perfect-Tee (from Hanes?) and I love them (though I can;t always find them). They are slim fits mad of better (thicker?) material than your standard fruit of the loom. Iv'e seen them in grey, white, black, and dark blue.
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Oops - forgot to mention the price. I think it's 2 for $10 or something in that neighborhood.
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I buy Gildan seconds at Sierra Trading Post. $3.16 as I write this. Usually $3.95, and they claim the retail is $6.49.
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This was my first thought. I haven't tried these specific shirts, but the price is good and I've always had great luck with Land's End products.
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