Educational materials regarding income disparity and public policy?
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What are some sources for particularly educational/relevant flyers regarding income disparity, public policy, and other issues pertinent to the Occupy Wall Street movement?
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Occupy George might be something like what you're looking for
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OWS charts is a project by Mefi's own gwint to collect useful charts of this type. Check Mefi Projects for a bunch of other good OWS-related stuff too.
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Paul Krugman is a wonderful go-to source for all of that. Also, Timothy Noah's series on inequality in Slate is a great resource. One thing that I think needs to be focused more on is the role of monetary policy. Especially since it appears that many of the occupiers have been taken in by ignorant anti-Fed nonsense, more education on this front I think would be really helpful. Paul Krugman's article for Slate in 1998 does the best job I have ever seen in explaining in as simple terms of possible what a central bank does and how it works, and Matthew Yglesias' blog is a great resource for ongoing developments in this area (as well as Paul Krugman of course). Hope this helps!
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Not a handy flyer by any means, but I liked this article for its simplicity and use of graphs.
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Try going down to your local occupy spot and visiting their info tent. You'll get their side of the issue, of course, but I bet they'll have a lot of material for you.
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