Do you know the name of this homemade playstation move project?
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What is the name of the PlayStation Move homemade project where the point of the game was to shake the other persons controller when the music played fast?

If it played slow, then you had to be very careful to move slowly. The game didn't involve a television; just a stereo system, 2 controllers, and a laptop.

I saw a video for this quite some time ago and I've had no luck finding the projects website again. If my memory serves correctly, then it was open sourced. But perhaps it was just youtube/vimeo.

I found out about this after watching a youtube/vimeo of several seemingly random people dueling on the sidewalk. The music would randomly warp from fast to slow. It looked like alot of fun.

I hope this triggers a memory in someone. Thanks!
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I remember this as well, but can't seem to track it down either. I remember that it was something they were interested in developing for phones, and that one of their videos showed people playing at a beach. You lost the game if your accelerometer moved too quickly, where "too quickly" was determined by the speed of the speed of the music. Players would wait for the music to speed up before rapidly and smoothly moving in on an opponent to try to push them or directly strike their controller to knock them out, while at the same trying to hold their own controller steady with their trailing hand.

I feel like it made the rounds about a year ago, or maybe just a bit later.
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Is it Johann Sebastian Joust?
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Yes! Thank you!
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