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I have an HTC phone that keeps sending duplicate text messages because it thinks delivery is failing. Except they're sending out fine. So now I just send out 8 text messages every time I try to send something. How do I fix this?

I have no idea where to even begin googling this. I have this phone running Android 2.3.3 / HTC Sense 2.1.

Starting yesterday morning, it started thinking that it couldn't connect to the mobile network (Bell, in Canada) that I'm registered with. It could still make phone calls, but it couldn't access data. After fiddling around with it a bit and re-registering the APN, I got it to connect again.

Throughout this whole time, and even after it connected to the network again, my phone seems to be convinced that none of the text messages I'm sending are going out properly. So it keeps trying to send them, the result being that people I text end up receiving about 8 duplicate texts. I've tried sending myself a test just now, and yep, got 7 copies of it.

I've called my mobile carrier's tech support and they have no clue what to do. Perhaps AskMe will.

Thanks in advance, everyone.
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Stupid question, but have you tried taking the battery out and rebooting the phone from scratch? This sorts out a lot of my Desire's problems. You could also try removing the sim card, or even doing a factory reset - there are apps out there to back up all your contents and contacts.
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Data issue should not affect SMS if you're still able to make calls.

First - take battery out and reboot to see if it fixes the problem.

And are you sure the phone thinks the messages are not being sent properly?
You could check it by going to Messages -> Menu key -> Settings -> Notifications -> Check mark on "Sent Notification"
If SMS is sent succesfully, it should notify you on the status bar.

If it is sent succesfully, go to Messages -> Menu key -> Settings -> Text Messages. Note the number of the service center. Verify with your service provider that the number is correct.

If it is correct and you're still experiencing issues, it's most likely network provider issue. First tier tech support might not be helpful, but be persistent and ask to be transferred to higher tiers.
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I've power-cycled, yeah, and done a factory reset. Still getting multiple messages.

After the first seven messages get sent, I get a push notification saying that the message couldn't be sent, and there's a red triangle next to the message I tried to send. Since I sent a test to myself, I did confirm that I'm sending about seven messages in the span of about five minutes. (And I still get the error message even if my own phone is receiving the texts....)

Thanks for the thoughts so far. I might have to make my way to an actual brick-and-mortar store....
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Fascinating. There should be an acknowledgement from the network to your device everytime an SMS is sent. This ACK is apparently not sent.

My money would be on network side issue. Pester their IT support until you can talk to higher tier help that actually knows what is going on.

Good luck.
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Hrm, and now my phone refuses to recognize the SIM card. I wonder if the SMS issue was the symptom of this larger problem. I'll take it into a repair shop and report back if they manage to fix it. Until then, I'll just flail around here without my phone...
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Replaced the SIM card. Everything fixed. Hurray!
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