eBook reading via computer help.
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Help with viewing eBook on computer. (details inside)

I purchased an eBook off iTunes with hope I would be able to read it using the Adobe Digital Collections Edition.

When I open the ePub file on ADC it loads the chapter, title, and author information on the side bar, but on the right side of the screen where there should be text (pages of the book) they are white and blank.

I thought maybe DRM is preventing me from viewing, but I would have assumed that this would not even let me see the chapter titles and other information on the left.

I'm very new to eBooks and how to view them. I do not own a eReader of any kind.. yet. Many have said that I cannot view without using a Kindle or iPad, but then again I was told that it is possible to read via computer.

If it helps I have a MacBook.
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I'm pretty sure the eBooks in iTunes are only readable on the iBooks app for the iPhone and iPad.
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It may still be DRM. Since you bought it, you may be interested in this comment that explains how you can get the DRM off the eBooks you bought so you can enjoy them however you like.
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I don't think you can read iBooks ebooks on your laptop.

Amazon has Kindle reading apps for Mac/PC and mobile devices. I would try to get a refund and purchase the eBook from Amazon.
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There doesn't seem to be a plugin for removing Apple's Fairplay DRM from iBooks for Calibre.

Here are Apple's requirements for iBooks:
What are the requirements to use iBooks?

You can use iBooks on iPad. You can also use iBooks on iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 or later.

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The Calibre workaround that soelo links to definitely works for Kindle ebooks (though of course you can just read those on your laptop, using the Kindle desktop app thing), but I've never tried it for an iBook.
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Shoot, I didn't realize that it didn't/might not work on ibooks. Anyway, Calibre is great for other reasons, so I would try opening the .ePub file in it to see if you get the same results as you did with ADC. Or you might want to read this question about other .ePub readers for Macs.
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I can confirm that all ebooks bought through iTunes work only in the iBooks app for iOS and that there is, frustratingly, no way to read them on a Mac. You should email iTunes support and ask for a refund. Then possibly re-buy from Kindle.
Or if you're feeling like going the illegitimate route, I'll just leave this link right here.
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I sent you a MeMail : )
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I am not sure f this would work on your operating system but I needed to convert e-pub files to PDF -I used Calibre = it worked like a charm


and another "alternative" e- book source if nothing pans out

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