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CellPhoneFilter: An aging senior executive has moved beyond his Blackberry. Any suggestions for a smartphone that makes looking at email easy and dialing numbers even easier? Specific makes and models wanted.

One of our contacts is a late 60s senior executive fed up with his Blackberry. Requirements are simple. No steep learning curve, preferably easy access to email, contacts and dialing out.

Basically, a smartphone that does what it says once set up correctly. App stores, GPS etc are meaningless.

Thanks for your help! I am sure there are many that have been in the same boat.
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iPhone 4S

seriously there isn't an easier phone to use short of the jitterbug
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My toddler and my 75 year old dad can both easily use my iphone. I mean, you could just put contacts, phone, and email on the first page and he'e never have to use another app or go to the app store. It's learning curve is zero, basically, after set up.
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Yeah, iPhone. My 60 year old mom picked mine up and was using it in 2 minutes.
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Thirdng the iPhone suggestion.
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Fourth on the iPhone.
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My dad is a bit older than that and had lots of trouble seeing things with his old Blackberry, especially the keys. He has no such problems with his iPhone 3GS and he loves it.
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On top of the other praise for the iPhone 4S, Siri really is a leap ahead for voice recognition. It isn't quite what it's cracked up to be in commercials (pretty much the default response to any question that doesn't fit nicely within the built-in apps that it works with is "I'll search the web for that", but for dialing numbers and sending text messages and email, it is by far the most accurate voice recognition I have dealt with (and is light years beyond the systems in my car and truck for hands-free dialing). For example, it has always recognized the name "Thalia" accurately, even though it is not the most common name, and almost always recognizes "Ivan" even when pronounced "ee-van" as one of my coworkers does.
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If you can wait a few months, the Nexus Prime.
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Would voice dialing be helpful for him?
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I agree with TedW about Siri. It really doesn't get any easier. Stuff I've used it for today:

- remind me to feed the cats at three o'clock
- set a timer for twenty minutes
- call Mom at home
- send message to Paul how are you doing
- will I need an umbrella today
- set appointment for November 4 at 11 am Doctor So-and-so (Siri came back with "you already have an all day appointment on this date for X, do you still want to schedule this?")
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I'm an Android fanatic, and even I say iPhone 4S. It's the simplest smartphone to use by a long shot, and much more stable than any Android device I've seen.

Think of it this way: if you advise them to go with anything else, sooner or later there will be something they want to do that they can't and the iPhone can. And they'll blame your recommendation.

In the other direction, something Android can do that iPhone can't, it's easier to list advantages of the iPhone that makes the lacing functionality less important.
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I am an Android owner and lover and in this case, I would totally say iPhone. Even though it kills me to do so.
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iPhone is shiny and sexy, and there are a lot of nifty apps. Exec will love it.
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Noone ever got fired for buying an iPhone.
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Tell him to reconsider BlackBerry and get a 9900. He probably is cursing over a 9700 or something. There is no touchscreen p, especially that horrid iPhone, that can match this one. Best physical keyboard ever made AND it has a beautifully responsive touchscreen.
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