How make a FoI request to the EU?
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How do I make a Freeedom of Information request to the European Union?

I want to make an FoI request to an organisation financed by the European Union, specifically this organisation. How do i proceed? Is there a central EU department that deals with such requests (if there is it isn't jumping out at me).
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By definition, you can't do that. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a piece of US federal legislation. Foreign governments are not subject to it.

The EU has, however, implemented its own Access to Documents program by Regulation. EUROPA has a page on the subject here, and a guide to exercising said rights here.

Note that unless you're a citizen of a member state or reside in the EU, you don't have any rights to such information.
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I don't have any experience with it and I don't know how promising this route is, but on the site of the European Ombudsman, I found another page about requiring information
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This is a guide to the UK Freedom of Information Act and who it applies to, not sure how it would relate to EU funded organisations, Statewatch might be able to tell you or might have more on their site. UK wise, the Information Commissioner's Office should be able to tell you directly whether they have any rights oiver EU information.
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You need to make a subject data access request, I've only dealt with them from a business point of view with someone requesting their data so can't advise on your side of the process unfortunately.
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By definition, you can't do that. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a piece of US federal legislation.

Actually there are many laws around the world called the Freedom of Information Act, and it would be normal to refer to the thing the OP's trying to do, colloquially at least, as a freedom of information request.
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Thanks for the help but most suggestions seem to be blind alleys. Pity, it is so easy to file an FoI request to a UK body. Somebody somewhere must have asked the EU?
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Seriously, check the pdf I linked. It's got precise instructions for submitting such a request.
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