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NYC: West Village bar suggestions for a group of ~15 on a Saturday night

Friends – I have a group of around fifteen ~30 year olds (all guys) coming to Manhattan on a Saturday night. We’re having dinner at The Old Homestead (14th and 9th) and I’d like to have a specific place in mind for us to go afterwards instead of walking around aimlessly. I’d rather not block off or reserve a section of a bar and I’m not interested in clubs. Any suggestions for a bar we shouldn’t have an issue walking into around 10:00-10:30 on a Saturday night?

A few possibilities:

- Beer garden at The Standard. I’ve never been here, but this could be an ideal spot for a group like this. I’m guessing, though, that this is very crowded at the exact time we’d be looking to go. Any experiences? Any chance of grabbing a table or two on a Saturday night? Any chance of not being shoulder to shoulder?

- Hudson Bar and Books (Hudson St. and Horatio St.). Again, I’ve never been, but looks like it would be a good spot, despite (it appears to be basically the only cigar bar on the island that isn’t on the Upper East Side). The drawback here is likely the size. Any chance of a group of this size fitting comfortably? Their website says they are open until 4:00 am. Would it be better to try and end the night here?

- Tortilla Flats. Nothing against it or EB, but I’m not interested.

Although we’re having dinner in the MPD and the two options I raised are within close walking distance, I’m willing to stretch the search deeper into the West Village. Even north into Chelsea would be fine, but I’m guessing there are more options south of 14th Street (I live on the UWS, so I just don’t know the random bars that could work).

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Standard Beer Garden- usually a shitshow, but one of the better if not the best options in the MPD. I'm guessing there will be a wait.

HBB- Ugh. D-bag bankers smoking cigars (note - I am a finance sort. I look at the people there and think "That's why people are sleeping in Zuccotti Park") - I think 15 people would be cramped there.

Other options to consider -
WXOU - pseudo dive on Hudson - maybe too small for 15 guys tho.
White Horse - slightly less pseudo-y dive across the street.
Blind Tiger - Bleecker - will be jammed with Tourists but pretty good beer bar
Barrow Street Ale House - 15 people would work well here I think.
Johnny's Bar (maybe?)

There are other options but you start to either skew too young, weird crowds, meat markety, or too small. It really isn't a great "guys night out" bar nabe.

Most of the places that would jibe with the "Standard Beer Garden" kind of scene are too small I think. Especially on a Saturday night.
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If it's closer to 15, try Art Bar on 8th Avenue. If it's too crowded, walk down Bleecker to Kettle of Fish.

For 30, things are going to be tough. Maybe Brass Monkey if you call ahead?
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Thanks, JPD; that list gives me something to work with. I wasn't having much luck cycling through yelp. I was more interested in the beer garden part of the Standard Beer Garden rather than the Standard, as I'm not looking for the MPD or Standard scene ('shitshow' sounds about right, but I had to ask). The bars you listed are at least options. Thanks again.

Snicker, sorry if that was a little unclear, but I meant I'll have about 15 thirtysomethings. A group of fifteen is bad enough, thank you for making me realize it could be worse.
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I don't know about "the scene" on a Saturday night, but I've enjoyed The Park at 18th and 10th for drinks with friends (not dinner... the food is so so).

Less fancy, more pub-like- The Half King (Chelsea, not West Village).
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Lederhosen is in the West Village, has picnic tables, and serves beer in tremendous volume. They also serve food, though after OH I doubt you'll be hungry.

FWIW - If you're looking to hang out amongst yourselves and catch up, this place may well work. If you're looking for a pick up scene, you'll want somewhere else. 15 guys in pretty much any bar in the WV, save the Standard, will skew the ratio tremendously.
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Barrow Street Ale House worked perfectly for a group of ~15. Upstairs was pretty crowded at 11:00, but we had the basement to ourselves. We got used to the smell.
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