How should I alter my Where's Waldo costume?
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My wife purchased a Where's Waldo outfit for me for Halloween. How should I spice it up (i.e. zombie Waldo, pirate Waldo)?
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Note: I also have a beard, leaving the door open for hobo Waldo.
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Waldo in the 21st century: Waldo costume with a giant location pin cutout over your head.
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Ooo, I'm liking it. A Google Places pin or a Foursquare badge.
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There's one memorable Where's Waldo drawing that was just thousands of slightly-off Waldo's - one had an eyepatch, one had the wrong belt on his pants, or different colored-shoes, etc. etc.

I would find it hilarious if I walked up to a Waldo and said, "I found Waldo!" only to find out that I didn't find the right one.
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You can also make this your "thing" for coming years. I had a (guy) friend who went as some version of a pirate every year: Catholic schoolgirl pirate, zombie pirate, businessman pirate, etc. It was fun to see what he chose every year.
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Slutty Waldo
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However you modify the costume, I'd like to suggest something extra. In the books, there are various items to find as well as Wally/Waldo himself - scrolls in The Fantastic Journey, for instance. If you're going to be indoors, you could secrete props, or drawings on index cards, around the place for people to happen upon. Or just drop them, like a trail of breadcrumbs.
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If you have a suit, an American Flag pin, and can find a red and white striped tie, you could be President Waldo.
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Darth Waldo
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Just be Waldo.
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Invisible Waldo! Leading to the inevitable question...
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wall-e waldo
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Ooh, I just had a thought...but I'm not sure how you'd pull it off. Maybe other people can offer their ideas.

Instead of being a Waldo, be a Waldon't.

This might involve something as simple as an evil moustache or wearing plaid pants with your striped shirt.
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Cross-dresser Waldo
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Sexy Waldo. Instead of the pants wear a speedo.
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Great answers guys. Thanks for the help. I'm still digging the 21st century Waldo. Maybe I'll find a barber's pole to bring along as well.
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Wars Waldo? Were-Waldo?
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