Need suggestions on replacing a wood patio deck.
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I have a 7' x 10' concrete slab patio. It currently has wooden deck tiles on top, but they are falling apart and need replacing. What is the best, inexpensive replacement option?

Ideally, I would replace the deck tiles, but it is in the $300-$400 range, which doesn't seem worth it for such a small space. I am thinking of just building a small wooden deck at ground level. However, I'd like to keep cost and maintenance at a minimum. I'd prefer no annual painting or staining. I'd like something that is nice to walk on (barefoot) especially for young kids (pavers or concrete seem too rough if they fall on it).

Is painting out of the question? Would it would need to be repainted ever year, or can I use a specialty paint that would last longer?

If I use a nicer quality wood, can I forgo the maintenance? Any suggestions on what wood to use? All I see at Home Depot is the regular pressure treated deck panels. Would I need to go to a specialized lumber yard for more options? (and can I still keep it affordable?)
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The nicer woods (cedar comes to mind) are going to cost more, but they'll look nicer and might require less in the way of maintenance. We added a cedar pergola to our patio and are opting to just let it grey naturally over time. Sealing would have preserved that nice reddish color, but I wasn't interested in the follow-on maintenance every year.

There are also some wood/plastic composites out there, too. If you want (close to) zero maintenance, they might be worth a look. Not sure how they compare in price. Lowes sells it (as do others, I'm sure). You can price out the linear feet and see if it's worthwhile.
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You can get composite deck boards 12 feet long for between $20 to $30 per board.

I have no idea on other costs.
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Building a deck is going to cost a lot more than replacing the deck tiles. A lot more.

Consider an epoxy coating - they can include a non-slip component and some provide various decorative finishes. Dulux is just one company that has such a product, but there are plenty around. This should be less expensive than replacing the deck tiles.
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Response by poster: Yes, I forgot to mention I checked out the composites too. It came out to be about $200-300 (a bit expensive) and the texture of the ones I saw doesn't feel that nice to me. A bit too rough.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify - when I say building a deck, I am pretty much just talking about some planks on top and just a few planks below to keep them top ones attached. Wouldn't need much more than that.
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Recycled red rubber paverblocks
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$200-$300 seems reasonable.
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