Good hosting company for IIS/ASP these days?
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Does anyone have a good recommendation for Windows-based ASP hosting? After googling for awhile, it's difficult to find reviews and information online on which hosting companies to avoid or to use. Specifically, I need IIS 6.0 and ASP (not .NET) with MS Access. I haven't decided whether to use dedicated hosting or not, but will consider either for this app. Just looking for a good reliable company with good customer service and uptime.
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How strictly do you need IIS 6? That's going to be a sticking point, as that's effectively Server 2003. While it's not enabled by default, you can use ASP under Server 2008/IIS 7.5.
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Response by poster: Well I can possibly migrate to IIS 7.0, but I don't know if there is any specialized code in this ASP app that might break under 7.x. Any companies in mind for 7.x hosting?
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FWIW it's pretty unlikely that your ASP is going to break due to a IIS6 -> IIS7 transition.

If your ASP scripts make use of COM objects it's just possible that some of *those* might not appreciate the move from W2003 -> W2008 - you'll need to check that out with the supplier of each COM object. Oh, I've just realised in shared hosting you're going to have to put up with whatever COM objects the hoster provides so that's a different sort of problem ... if indeed your ASP scripts make use of COM objects.

I'm not sure how many hosters you're going to find who are going to provide Access as a data repository for ASP scripts. I'm not saying you won't find them but using Access in that position is a reasonably definitive 'thing not to do' but it's a big world and there's probably suppliers out there who will provide just that.

Regarding specific hosters I've never used public IIS hosting but this is one I've got in my bookmarks : .
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